1How many servings should we order?
We typically suggest ordering enough servings for 60-70% of your guests, as not everyone will take a piece of cake. If you’re going with cupcakes or other goodies, you definitely want to have over 100%, as more people are inclined to grab a couple of cupcakes or one of each type of dessert.
2How far in advance should I book my cake?
We typically require 2-3 weeks notice to book a custom cake. The earlier the better, but we will always try our best to accommodate last minute requests!
3Do you offer delivery?
Delivery is at a flat rate of $25 within 35 miles of 77429. An additional $1/mile outside of that area. Delivery times are Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm & Saturday - Sunday 9am - Noon.
4Do you offer cake tastings?
We do wedding cake tastings for $35 (limited to 2 pax per session) with a tasting of up to 6 flavors from our cake menu. Cake tastings are by appointment only, with at least a week's notice in advance. Appointments take place Tuesday - Sunday 2pm - 4pm & Monday 10am - 4pm. If you decide to order a cake from us, the fee will be applied to your order.
5Can I cancel my order after ordering?
Yes you can, but you'll be subjected to a penalty of 20% of the cake price. Our slots are very limited and when you book it, it means that others are short of a slot. This is especially so for weekends.
6Can I do different flavors for the different tiers?
Yes you can at no additional charges.
7What are the designs that you offer?
There are no standard designs that we offer. If you have a specific request, feel free to e-mail us and attach a picture of reference for us so that we may think of a design for you.
8How do I order a cake?
Email us at info@cakesbyvivian.com or fill out our form here
9Any minimum order quantity?
Minimum order:
 mini cupcake: 2 dozen cupcakes: 2 dozen 
cakes: no minimum order quantity
10What are the flavors that you have? Do you have a cake menu?
Yes we do have a cake menu! You can either view it at our cakes page or click here to download the menu.

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